VIEWING. To arrange an up-close and personal view of my paintings either in Toronto or at my cottage studio in La Fontaine, Ontario, please email me at sally @ to make an appointment.

PURCHASING. Some of my paintings are presented in the conventional style, matted and framed behind glass. However, my more recent paintings are framed and mounted on board but with the protection of archival-approved varnish and no longer need either a matt or glass.

Due to the new covid rules restricting artists from exhibiting their work – whether in galleries or in collective shows – online exhibitions are having their day. My work is always available online through my web site, of course, but also on the websites of other arts organizations.

For example, the Ontario Society of Artists Exhibit of Selected Works has been showcasing a selected painting of each member of the organization, and the Don Valley Art Club will be hosting an online show from November 21 to December 20 in which several of my paintings will be included.

For viewing up front and personal, I am happy to report that two of my paintings were selected for N3XT, a visual arts competition, and they will be on display alongside the work of other selected artists until January 6 at the Arts and Letters Club of Toronto, 14 Elm Street. N3xt Gallery

After the current lockdown ends, please phone the club at 416-597-0223 for information about viewing the artwork.

You may purchase paintings from a gallery where my work is on exhibit, or from the artist directly. Please email the artist at sally @ to make inquiries.

PRICE. It fluctuates depending on size, subject material and framing presentation. The majority of paintings range in price between $300 and $500 (excluding tax and shipping charges where that applies). Paintings on canvas or board are priced at a slightly lower price point (see above).